We provide wood drying services in modern drying kilns. The wood is dried to the desired moisture content (min. 6%). We dry the wood in modern convection-type dryers of aluminium construction. We use computer-controlled systems – GANN controllers – to achieve the highest drying quality and optimum results. We select a separate drying programme for each type of wood. At any one time, our dryers can hold about 160 m3 of sawn timber, with a maximum length of 8000mm.. We dry hardwood, softwood and hardwood. We have the possibility to store the dried timber.


The service is carried out using a four-sided planer (7 spindles). We calibrate, plane and mill all types of wood. We produce garden house walls, outdoor and indoor cladding, floor and terrace boards, as well as structural timber. Maximum workpiece dimensions:

  • Height up to 150 mm
  • Width up to 250 mm
  • Length up to 9000mm

Non-standard planed products – according to your drawing or sample.


We split with vertical band saws. This is mostly used to make paneling from thicker wood.

For example: we can split a 50mm thick board into 2 equal parts of 24mm each


We use multi-cut saws to cut wide boards or single-cut boards into narrower boards to the desired width.

For example: a 30cm wide board can be divided into 15cm, 10cm and 5cm; or into two 15cm boards.

Cross section

By cutting the ends of the boards perfectly smooth, we cut the wood products to the customer’s desired length.


We use tightening strapping tapes for packaging, and we can also wrap products in film in multiple units using a Strech machine. Of course, all packaging is covered with polyethylene film before dispatch.

CNC milling

We are milling products with H350 16.30 FORMAT-4 machines. The machine has 5 axis technology. The high quality main spindle guarantees excellent results at every angle, regardless of the material. Combined with 18 independent drilling spindles and an integrated toothed saw unit, the Profit H350 offers limitless machining possibilities and the shortest possible production cycles. The customer-specific optimised high-performance production solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offering maximum working comfort and full productivity for continuous production. For those without drawings, we can make a layout according to the customer’s requirements.


We provide a log sawing service according to the dimensions provided by the customer.

Maximum log dimensions: up to 7 metres and 60 cm in diameter.


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