About us

Timber – one of the oldiest construction and finishing materials in the history of the mankind. At the same time – the most perverse one. A lot of careful and precise work, experience, knowledge takes to preserve it in reliable state and serve you for a long time, to fill your home with cosiness and warmth…

We combine effective marketing system and geographic location of our factory: head office and storehouse are placed in Vilnius, factory is situated in Varena region, near the Southen border of Lithuania. Young, but skilled and studious crew is formed in the company. Our team has enough  of creativeness, flexibility and courage to accept new professional challanges. Modern equipment is in our disposal. However we realize, that it is impossible to keep the high quality of our production without skilled hands of our masters and their accurate work.

We collaborate with folk masters, carvers. By the touch of their hands they create authentic, unique handcrafts connecting the tradition and modern trends.

The main fields of our activities –  the producing of various carpentry production, sheds, garden houses, summerhouses, arbours. As well we are trading in construction wood has been prepared by us. Our company sells its production in domestic market, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy. However, we are constantly looking for new markets and are open for all types of collaboration and propositions.