Timber – one of the oldest  constructional material, which gives cosiness for the outside and inside of the building. Coniferous wood is used for that purpose . This timber is rather resistant for the biological  decay and is comparatively cheap. The constructors prefere pine, spruce, larch. The trunk of coniferous wood has straight shape and conditionally just few defects. However, it is necessary to make very careful selection of raw material and then to trim wood very tediously in processing wishing to make timber to serve you  faithfully without causing troubles for very long time.

We have all modern equipment for the wood trimming from the log. For the satisfaction of rising  requirements of our Customers we tensively collaborate with wood suppliers from Lithuania, Byelorussia, Russia. In purchasing we give distinct preference for the wood with FSC sertificate or for the timber, has been processed  under the control of FSC. We check the quality of the boards once again while loading timber to our modern KD cameras, the volume of these – 180 m3 of wood. The length of loaded boards is up to 8m.

Afterwards timber is packed and sold as the material for construction or passes for the further processing in modern trimming department, where various carpentry production is made.